Care Instructions


It's important to care for your clothing in order to preserve its original look and feel. Using proper care will ensure you will love and wear your Break Free products for years to come.


  • Before washing, turn your garment inside out, this is important to preserve the color and quality of the garment's print. Our prints are created through screen printing as well as hybrid digital printing. Both of these printing methods create stunning images with vibrant colors and quality but are prone to fading/damage without the proper care. Use the following instructions to ensure your garments and prints retain their original quality.
  • Machine wash cold (30°) , inside-out on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors.

  • Tumble dry on low heat or preferably hang-dry.

  • Separate wash loads by color and fabric. Wash light colors with only light colors, darks with darks, and bright colors with colors. As well as organize wash loads by fabrics, cottons, synthetics, and delicates (silk, wool, linen, lace, etc..) your wardrobe with THANK YOU! No more fading and white shirts turned light pink!
  • Do not dry clean.

  • Do not use bleach.
  • Take care of ur clothes <3


Our Digital Beauties' garments are cut and sew from 100% preshrunk cotton. You can expect your garment to fit the same as the day it arrived after washing.

 Previous collection garments are 100% cotton NOT preshrunk so you can expect slight shrinkage, especially if washed at high temperatures.